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Create as many petitions as you want directly in your own WordPress. Publish them in a page or post and you are ready to go!

Collect signatures directly on your website. No distractions or detours. And best of all: You own your data – promise!

This is how it works

Create a petition and add it to a page. As soon as you publish the page, you can start collecting signatures.

Associate a donation form with your petition to raise funds for your cause.


Adjust the petition to your requirements. Set a goal, a catchy heading, a background image, or change the form fields and the design of your form.

Check it out for yourself and please let us know if something is missing.


Setting Description
Goal (Signings) shows a progress bar and the goal above the petition form
Start date newsletter subscription is possible beforehand
End date newsletter subscription is possible afterwards


Setting Description
Header and Buttons text colour black or white
Header and Buttons background colour any colour
Header background image on or off, any image
Widget text colour set the form text to black or white
Widget background colour set the form background to any colour

Sign Form

Field Description
Call to action disable the checkbox to hide the “Call to action”
Email cannot be deactivated
First name this field affects the field “Name”
Name “Name” (if first name is activated: “Last Name”)
Organisation for an organisation name
Street for street name and number
Postal code flexible, accepts international codes
Location for city, town, village
Country accepts two letter country codes
Phone number for phone numbers
Comment for supporter comments
Subscribe supporters can subscribe for a newsletter (default can be adjusted)

Further Options

Option Description
Donation form associate a donation form
About page link to further information
CSV export download signature lists and newsletter subscriptions
Pin language select a language for the petition form (override the browser language)
About page link to further information
Export download signings and newsletter subscriptions
Shortcode generate a shortcode and use it to embed a petition into a post or page