Create and configure your petition directly in your own WordPress. Publish them in a page or post and you are ready to go!

Your supporters sign the petition right there, embedded in your website. And best of all: You own the data, 100%!

You are able to adapt the form for signing the petition to fit your needs. You also are able to switch on different form-fields.

This is how it works

You can create a petition quickly. We provided all settings with sane defaults so you can focus on your cause entirely.

After you have created the petition it can be pasted into a page or a post. As soon as you publish the page or the post you will start to collect signatures.


You can adjust the petition-form to your requirements. For that to happen, you have different options as including an image and the choice of the form fields.

Basic Settings

Option Description
Goal Shows a progress bar about the petition
Start date Newsletter subscription is possible beforehand
End date Newsletter subscription is possible afterwards


Change the colour of typeface and buttons, select an image for your petition.

Option Description
Text colour of header black or white
Background colour of header any colour
Background image of header on or off, any image
Text colour of form black or white
Background colour of form any color

Form Fields

Besides the permanently active field for the email address other fields can be displayed.

Field Description
Email cannot be deactivated
First name this field affects the field “Name”
Name "Name" (if first name is activated: "Last Name")
Street for street name and number
Postal code Flexible for international contact data
Newsletter default can be adjusted

Further settings

More options and helper functions.

Function Description
Donation form selection of the displayed donation form
About page link to further information
Export als CSV download signature lists and newsletter subscriptions