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Remove the chaos from your fundraising. Sign up, set up fundraising, and have your first donation form ready in no time!

Place the donation form directly in a WordPress page or use it in conjunction with a petition. We take care of the rest.

This is how it works

Set up Civist Fundraising with your postal address and a bank account directly in WordPress.

Create your first donation form and place it in a page or a post. If you assign the form to one of your petitions, your supporters will be asked for a contribution right after confirming their signature.

We currently provide donation forms for payments via Credit Card, Klarna, Multibanco, and P24.

The collected funds will be transferred to your bank account with a monthly interval.

All fees will be deducted at payout.

Payment Methods

Credit Card, Klarna, Multibanco, P24


Activist Organisation Flexible
Automatic monthly bi-weekly individual
On request 5 Euro 5 Euro 5 Euro

Price Overview

If you have more than 50,000 supporters and need guaranteed support response times, we will be happy to provide you with a quote tailored to your needs.

Activist Organisation Flexible
Price free 300 Euro per year individual
Supporters unlimited ≤ 50.000 > 50.000
Transaction fee 5 % 5 % individual

You will find further details in our pricing terms.