Raising funds with Civist is easy. Just add an additional step to your petitions and events. Your supporters will love it!

After a simple, three step setup procedure, all SEPA and credit card donations are processed in compliance with EU legislation.

It is simple to collect donations with Civist. The donation form pops up directly after the the petition has been signed. It is possible to donate by SEPA or Credit Card. All applicable EU-regulations are observed. We will take care of the details. The donation form is kept quite plain and it is easy to handle. It will be displayed directly after signing the petition. That spares you to click further and prevents from making detours to external donation sites. So your cause can be supported by a donation straightforwardly.

That's how it works

If you want to collect donations with Civist, you will need to switch on and to configure the feature “donations” in the plugin-settings of your WordPress. In the process the contact-data and a bank-account will be retrieved for the cashout.

You can set the payment methods which can be used for donating by your supporters. You can choose SEPA and Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard). After this has been managed you will be ready to start. Go to your petition in WordPress and select the right donation.

From then on all supporters will be asked to sustain your cause by making a donation after they have signed the petition.

At a Glance

Fact Description
Payment Methods SEPA, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)
Minimum amount ≥ 10 Euro per donation
Maximum amount ≤ 500 Euro per donation
Cashout once a month

Price Overview

If you have less than 50,000 supporters, you will be able to select freely from either the plan “Activist” or the plan “Organisation”.

If you have more than 50,000 supporters, we will gladly submit a custom offer meeting your requirements.

Tarif Activist Organisation Flexible
Monthly free 300 Euro custom
Supporters unlimited ≤ 50.000 > 50.000
Transaction fee 10 % 8 % 5 %

All plans include the costs for credit card payments and SEPA. You can find further details in our pricing terms.