About Civist

Online Activism Made Simple

Civist is the tool for today's activists needs that brings the power of online petitions, fundraising, events and supporter management to WordPress.

Civist makes your voice heard and gives your cause a jumpstart while all your data belongs to you and only to you.

We guarantee that it stays that way!

Our journey started in 2009. We were hired to build a system for progressive political online campaigning. With some of the brightest and visionary online activists, we conceptualised and developed a platform that since then served millions of people and helped to run some of the most successful political online campaigns in the EU.

After seeing what's possible when you have the right tools, we decided to build a new platform that makes professional online activism available to a bigger audience. This was the beginning of Civist.

Civist is our contribution to your cause! Let's make the world a better place – now!